The conditions of participation in german are the definitive legal version. Translations are only for easier usability.
The terms and conditions in German are the authoritative legal effect version. Translations are provided only for ease of usability available. Effective as of January 23, 2015
These terms and conditions of the Partner Program ("Competition") which contains provisions for your participation in the partner / affiliate of Indivstock ("Program").
With the approval by checking the box (check mark) you agree to be bound by the terms of these terms and conditions. If we change our policies and this notice of these changes by e-mail or by posting on the Indivstock website you agree to these changes by continued use. The conditions undertake to comply with the terms and conditions and you represent and warrant that you have read and accepted Terms of Participation own. A consent may only lawfully authorized, empowered by the German law to a contract. If the contractor of a legal person; Companies, as well as the provisions for the entire company and all persons within. In a consent on behalf of a company means the person who accepts the terms of warrants that it is authorized by law to explain these terms and to comply with binding rules, and ensures compliance with corporate Intern.
1. Description of the program
The program aims to enable the participating partners to give credit to Indivstock and get paid for this mediation. Credit is a paid by the customer assets in the currency download credits. Except for non-pay credit in the form of free credits, and balances which can be credited as a bonus, rebate or other a customer. Also excluded is that credit is awarded by special arrangement with a customer. The value of a credit is crucial; without deduction of discounts, which at URL: is visible. To support your promotional efforts for the provision of credit is Indivstock download on the website Indivstock data, images, text, links, and information in digital form. These and other tools are available only for the logged Partner / cost.
2. Registration
For an application, it is necessary to make all required information, including the website address on which the program will be advertised. The application may be rejected if this is inappropriate, in the opinion of Indivstock. Inappropriate content include:
(1) Pornographic and / or sexual content;
(2) representations of violence or violent clearly related content;
(3) advertising libelous or defamatory products;
(4) discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age;
(5) advertising or conducting illegal activities;
(6) use of platforms or internet addresses that have the appearance of being a part of Indivstock directly related, this fake or give Attribution by an illegal impression that the activity is carried out directly by Indivstock. Among other things, it is not permitted to use the domains Indivstock similar in word or presentation. To be understood are misspellings or identical linked to other domains. For example;; This scheme is extended to Advanced names and designations offer. In this context, a login with a username is not similar gestatttet Indivstock. If Indivstock has declined your request to participate, you can always re-submit a request to participate. If Indivstock has accepted your application and then realizes later that your site is not suitable Indivstock may terminate this Agreement. You are required data in particular contact details (email address) to date. You are obliged to respond to contact requests, and they are in relation to your application or the Portal and the contact request makes a response required on your part.
3. Requirements for participation in the program
By submitting the application for the program, you agree to have particular understood the terms and conditions and the requirements to fulfill this and it require this. You agree to the sending of messages to your Indivstock registered e-mail address, containing information and news.
4. Responsibility for Your Website
You agree to make your website or any other website itself with Indivstock promotional materials, including the technical implementation as well as the representation. Indivstock can not provide support for the integration, implementation, or otherwise. You agree that advertising material supplied by Indivstock and codes (html) independently integrate and to ensure its accuracy. Thus, the advertisers partner is responsible for the correct integration. For example, can not be relied missed payments by incorrectly inserted partner links. The Partner is to use left promotional material. He uses them no right to legal or other appropriate standard is correctness in the picture or use of contents provided for this. For example, is the partner in the responsibility of the application of Indivstock in a country to observe its laws in the presentation, as well as mapping and integration and to comply with standards. The download and use of the content at your own risk. And an integration occurs, the party must follow its own duty security risks. Indivstock, its licensors, and responsible persons within the company, as well as other partners and participants can not be held responsible for any content on third-party sites and are not liable for referred to in point 5 cases.
5. Compensation and credit
A brokered account remains a brokered account until February 28. Until then, any purchase or sale will be remunerated. As described "..missed earnings by incorrectly inserted Partner Links not be relied upon." Purchases and sales that have been purchased by you or on your behalf via an affiliate link, including credit that you buy through partner-links for yourself, friends, relatives or partners are not remunerated. Cancelled purchases and sales are deducted from the value of tempered at the latest before cashing out. There be no compensation if the transfer was made or paid on a paid search. There are no paid placements that are made via search engines and or a direct call to and subpages. Therefore, a circuit of advertising is not accepted action with the direct link to The salary will be in the form of a credit to the respective member account on The compensation takes place immediately after mediated activity.
The cookie duration is browser dependent, and dependent on the activation by the cookie settings and cookie duration by users. The term is usually 30 days and describes the maximum duration of the assignment to a partner. If during this period a registration to be imparted user, an assignment to the respective partners, therefore activation of cookies. An assignment is possible only within the lifetime of a cookie. The cancellation, you disable and other user actions that prevent Zurodnung by the Speicehrung cookies are outside the control of vo indivstock.
6. Payment and Claims for Partners
Indivstock pays the balance of which represents a summary of all fees, as well as 100 credits ($ 50) are achieved. Payment can be made by the partners by the latter shall elect a common method of contact and withdrawal request is expressed. All claims of partner; Liabilities of Indivstock against the partner have been settled with the payment. The credit will be paid out after the reset to "zero". There are no other claims under this settlement in the form of payment in the currency stated. The deadline for payment is Indivstock decision, but latest within 30 days of contact and the fulfillment of the conditions of payment. Payment will be made in US dollars to the deposited by the partner and Indivstock in your member profile registered PayPal account. On request and at the discretion of Indivstock, a direct payment to a bank account that within the EU SEPA Credit Transfer enables done. Does not reach the minimum payout partners, the credit will be transferred to the following month. This is repeated until the payout limit is reached and can be made a withdrawal. If there is no request for payment, the credit is continued indefinitely and without deductions. It is at all times to cause the discretion of a withdrawal by Indivstock. To cause a withdrawal is among other things a statement to make it through the partner via: Bank IBAN, BIC, and the name of the main account holder that is specified on the account. This payment method is available only with bank accounts in certain countries. Conversion to download credit: The partner may arrange to transfer the credit balance on a regular download Indivstock a buyer. The balance (the individual remuneration) is under identical conditions as a paid 1: 1 credited to a buyer. The buyer must agree to the receipt and explain this to Indivstock. It is a message to the e-mail address as the accounts filed is required. Deduct the balance is due 30 days in levels of remuneration from the date of credit. A withholding tax or by statutory incorrect or missing information identifying the partner is unlimited and subject to correction. The partner has no right to demand information, consult the Member mediated accounts on Indivstock or to get some information from it. There is no obligation to provide information of Indivstock for information and details mediated customers and buyers. The Privacy Policy is based basically there is no disclosure of Personal Data to third parties.
7. Public statements and identification of the partner
Partners may be publicly designate as such, and this can not be mistaken in connection with the activities of a leading activity of Indivstock and from unaffiliated third parties, such as might be suspected. There must be no press releases or other public announcements relating to this Agreement, publish your use of the content as well as participation in the program.
8. Term and Termination
The term of this Agreement begins with the acceptance of your application for participation in the program and ends when this Agreement is terminated by either you or Indivstock. This agreement may either you or Indivstock at any time for cause or without cause by giving written notice of termination, which must be at least 7 days in advance transmitted to the other Party, shall be terminated. Furthermore, Indivstock this Agreement at any time for good cause by written notice of termination to you immediately. A "good cause" exists, and further cooperation would be damaging to business processes and activities, an unreasonable behavior requires cooperation unreasonable or have other reasons expect immediate termination. Furthermore, in a violation which can not be a serious immediate termination suggests this was not cleared and twice with 7 days deadline immediate termination has been notified for non-removal. Upon termination of this Agreement, for example, by notice all this Agreement expire made orders and any authorization to use the services, property and rights of Indivstock for the partner. By removing this must be a distance and irrevocable deletion of all of sustaining promotional materials. Access to Indivstock under URL is blocked with termination and the balance of the account to "0". A deletion of all personal data can be done at the request of the party after a reasonable time.
9. Contract amendment
Indivstock may at any time and each in its sole discretion change the terms of these Terms and Conditions by posting a change notice or a modified agreement on the site Indivstock, which notice shall be announced at least 7 days before the effective date of the change. In the event of changes in the contractual terms of the conditions of participation is a notification to the valid e-mail address that was assigned to your Member Account, transmitted. Within the period of 7 days, a continuation of the membership be terminated by the partner. This notice must be in writing using a normal contact path. This notice is a blocking and deletion of the account and at the discretion of Indivstock. Prior to this Mitgleidschaftsänderung amount is paid out of the account of a partner in full.

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