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The terms and conditions in German are the authoritative legal effect version. Translations are provided only for ease of usability available. Please change the language of this Wesbeite (top right) in german to read the german text version. Additional regulations must be observed for partner (affiliate) and for sellers. read additionally contributor agreements / read additionally affiliate agreements

Terms of indivstock
1. Preliminary information

Andreas Neubauer also Indivstock.Domain- Alte Schulstraße 10 - 74532 Ilshofen Germany. The use of the Site as well as the exchange of digital images for download. A mediation between Indivstock, the supplier and the customer. Additional regulations must be observed for the partner and for sellers. The terms in German, are the relevant legally binding version. Translations are provided only for ease of usability available. If provisions of these terms and conditions become ineffective, invalid or legally unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected and effective. With the approval of the terms and conditions by checking the box (check mark) when registering you agree to the terms of these terms and conditions. When changes to these provisions and notice of these changes by e-mail or by posting on the site you agree to these changes by continued use. The conditions undertake to comply with the terms and conditions and you represent and warrant that you have read and accept terms and conditions on their own. An agreement may only be lawfully authorized, empowered by the German law to a contract. If the contractual partner from an association, company or other non-natural person then the provisions for the entire construct and all persons within this apply. In a consent by a third party, the person who accepts the terms of assurance that this is authorized by law to explain these rules and binding provisions to comply, and ensures compliance with all parties. The site allows to obtain after a free registration to access certain features of the site. Membership is free. These allow an upload of digital content and a download of uploaded files. The upload is done by means of Seller Seller Membership. The download of files by means of buyer membership. To register as a member, you first select an available user name / login (the "User ID") and a corresponding user password / password ( "Membership Password") to create a unique, personal Membership Account. After entering this information during registration, a subsequent change of the information is no longer possible. The member must indicate in addition whether it is registered as a private or on behalf of a company or a corporation (in this case, the indication of the company name or corporate name is required). When prompted for information legally required financial or personal information should be added.
2. Description of the program
The basic work oft he website indivstock.domain is the publication of the transferred files, which are provided by a vendor (photographer, graphic or vector artist). These are stored on the technical feasibility at Indivstock and provided for an online appeal on the website. This allows buyers of the site to view the uploaded image and download after received payment. All information of a users are punlic on the website and through the World Wide Web such as search engines. Password, full name, adress, model and property releases, email adress and bank details are not public. Each access is only online possible and hast o be done with a own Internet connection. Indivstock has the right to decide on any publication itself and act without notification of these operations. Even retrospectively after publication, therefore withdrawal and thus deactivation and deletion or lockout. Indivstock reserves the right to change information, rewrite or add to individual components and delete them. Members, especially sellers can upload files through their member account. Each file is subject to the license terms that apply to each download of a file, therefore purchase and download by a buyer. In addition to the file upload must be accompanied by the seller demanded information. These included titles, keywords, categories. These must be recorded digitally on the website functions Indivstock. This must be recorded truthfully. If people or buildings visible, or is the figure in the property of a third party, an institution or any other non-natural party contains protected images or trademarked characters recognizable, then an agreement with this is necessary. These arrangements need permission to hold writing and describe how an image can be used commercially. This shall be Indivstock when uploading. This is done by sending a written note to the document which the image of the file describes (PDF), the seller is called by name, the owner or owners called by name and permission in a commercial use and use permitted by buyers. The commercial use must relate to those mentioned in the Conditions uses for a purchase by a buyer. Files which are intended solely for editorial use, either by law or by the will of the seller must be marked as the seller this. This must be done by the seller, the respective files for upload, marked as such (check mark). Alternatively, this identification can be carried out by Indivstock, and the seller lists the relevant files that need to flag as editorially. This designation must be carried out by means of regular communication. The naming is only done with confirmation of receipt or confirmation of the execution by Indivstock. Members can buy a file means necessary download assets and are then to download this right. The maximum number of possible downloads of Dateiens is five (5). The maximum availability in days, and restrictions of a day are listed in the price list when choosing a purchase. Buyers get the file as a digital download. Terms and possibilities of use are described in the following text content.
2.1 Registration To register, it is necessary to make all the necessary information, including the information on the application itself, or all the necessary personal information, name, login, password, address, email address, country. Registration and Mitgleidschft is free. The application may be refused if this is inappropriate, according to Indivstock. Inappropriate content will include: (1) Pornographic and / or sexual content: Depictions of violence or violence related content clearly advertise slanderous or defamatory products; Discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age; Advertise or carry out illegal activities; Using data such as pictures and descriptions which have the appearance of being a part of Indivstock directly related, this fake or procure by Attribution an illegal impression that the activity is carried out directly by Indivstock. Among other things, it is not permitted to use names or descriptions that Indivstock similar in word or representation. understand Among them are misspellings or identical. This provision should also be extended to more advanced naming and listing names. In this connection, a login with a username similar "Indivstock" not allowed. If Indivstock has declined your request to participate, you can always re a request to participate submit unless notified lockout or blocking scheme. Blocking may be a temporary registration lock, a blockage on suspicion of spam or spread other out in these provisions did not allow operations by the user. If Indivstock has however accepted your request and then determines at a later date that your participation is not suitable, Indivstock may terminate this Agreement at any time. You are required data especially contact details (email address) up to date. They are obliged to respond to contact requests, and these are related to your application or program and contact request makes a reaction required on your part. When registering, the user agrees (Login) itself to take the security risk of transmission. In particular, transmitted information on registration and uploading of files are affected. Indivstock pledges to not send confidential information to third parties or publish. When prompted for information legally required financial or personal information should be added.
2.2 Requirements for using By sending the registration, you agree to have particular understood the terms and the conditions to fulfill this and it require this. You agree to the sending of messages to your Indivstock stored e-mail address containing information and news. Indivstock reserves the right at any time, in whole or in part, amend the provisions of this contract. These changes take effect immediately on here after notification of the members and the posting on the site in force. Accept By receiving this notification and your continued use of the Site after such changes have and you accept the changed terms of this contract. If you do not agree (more) with the Terms of Use at any time, whether due to a change in this. Indivstock through or not, make use of and any further access to the web page The website may be used by individuals and companies which may enter into a legally binding contract. The services in the website are only available for persons over 18 years of age, unless they are under the supervision of a parent or guardian, and this guardian or guardian takes responsibility for the use of the website. The user account may not be sold nor any other person will be made available, unless a company on identical location. If you use the Site on behalf of a legal entity, you hereby represent and warrant that you hold the authorization for undertaking of such entity to this Agreement. The membership and the membership account associated are owned by Indivstock. The Member is not entitled to compensation in the case of termination of membership or continue to continued use of this.
2.3 Of a contract The following rules on the conclusion of the contract apply to orders via our internet shop In the case of conclusion of the contract with Indivstock comes; Andreas Neubauer; Old School Road 10; D-74523 Ilshofen, Small business i.S.d. § 19; conditions. (1) The presentation of goods or files is not legally binding contract offer on our part, but only a non-binding invitation to consumers to order files. By ordering the desired credit amount for downloading files consumer makes a binding offer for him to conclude a purchase contract. (2) In accordance with § 19 I UStG Kleinunternehmerregelung is charged no VAT on our invoices. (3) The consumer has the option of paying by PayPal or within the EU by bank transfer. (4) Discounts: there are several discount offers or promotions available, automatically applies the discount with the highest savings (in%) as well as valid. (5) Prices are displayed before any purchase, in addition to the offered credit amount and right in front of your purchase is completed with all the details. According to §19 UStG I Kleinunternehmerregelung is charged no VAT on our invoices; digital downloads - no shipping and delivery costs.
3 deliveries
The delivery is done digitally. Given an Internet connection by the customer is necessary.
4 Cancellation or Withdrawal
You have the right to withdraw within fourteen days without giving a reason this contract. The withdrawal period is fourteen days from the date of contract. To exercise your right, you must indivstock ( to withdraw by an unequivocal statement (for example, a consigned by post mail, fax or e-mail) of your decision this Agreement, inform. To meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient if you send a message about the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period. Effects of withdrawal If you withdraw from this contract, we will reimburse all payments we receive from you to repay immediately and at the latest within fourteen days from the date on which the notification has been received about your cancellation of this contract with us. For this repayment, we use the same method of payment that you used in the original transaction, unless you was End of the cancellation. The right of revocation expires if the execution of the agreement began after the consumer has expressly agreed that Indivstock with the execution of the contract to begin before the end of the withdrawal period and has confirmed his knowledge that he carried his agreement with the beginning of the execution of the agreement loses his right of withdrawal. The performance of the contract is done through the use of the acquired assets, therefore a download paid files by the buyer. ******************************************************************************************
5. Responsibility for your content
You agree to agree, your files are themselves provided with image information and to make themselves, including technical implementation and of itself mitzubringenden technical equipment as well as the presentation and the upload of files and content. Indivstock can not provide support for the integration, implementation or other necessary steps for a sale, and it is not running out of goodwill or the regular operation of Indivstock. The functional possibilities for publication are limited to attach additional information uploading mainly to the image upload as well as the opportunities. Restrictions for uploading depend on the implemented current technical possibilities. They are thus automatically use agreement of Indivstock offered opportunities and to ensure the accuracy. For limitations and the use of the site and its functions, every effort replacement may be claimed. Thus, the provider is responsible for the correct integration. For example, can not be invoked missed contact requests by incorrectly inserted information. Sellers are left which files he wants to put up for sale, which descriptions and information he accompanied. It is for the seller is no right to legal or other substandard correctness in the picture or use of this content provided. The seller is the responsibility of uploading a file all related laws in the presentation to comply with imaging and integration and to observe standards according to German and international law. The download and the use of content is at your own risk. As well as an integration occurs, the seller must observe the duty any security risks. Indivstock, its licensors, and responsible persons within the company, and other partners and participants can not be held responsible for Content provided on its own or third-party sites and are not responsible for possible cases.
6 contract language
As contract language german will be available exclusively.
7. Use of files
You can download and upload files only in accordance with the provisions of this Treaty and the corresponding member-contract on the website.You accept and agree that no ownership rights are transferred to files or other sales of property rights and/ or any transfers of property rights on the website. You acknowledge and agree that Indivstock and / or its licensors retain all ownership rights to the Dateienn and that these files are protected by copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of Indivstock or its licensors. Pursuant to this contract granted Indivstock the member (customer / buyer) of this Agreement hereby granted a non-exclusive, temporally and from the support (pressure) in the amount of up to 500,000 limited numbers, worldwide, non-transferable sublicense to use, reproduce, adapt and Release of a purchased file in any present or future known media or formats for personal use, business operations, or educational purposes. to distinguish explicitly, licenses, and Standard License Extended License. This member has at buying a Dateiens the right to sell the downloaded works as a design element on products, goods, or goods / sell when the original plant was processed so that the resulting plant is substantially no more similar to the original (and such can modification in the form of changes to the downloaded work itself, or by the inclusion of downloaded Dateiens in other, not downloaded from the Indivstock website content, such as collagen happen); provided, however, that the modification of Dateiens is sufficient to qualify as works entitled to authorship can. It is also the member (buyer / customer) allows the downloaded work in conjunction as a design element on products, goods or merchandise or in other Dateienn with authorship to sell and distribute if the primary value of the sold product, article or goods is not even in the downloaded work and this therefore does not become a primary selling point. For example, that reproduction unchanged, downloaded files on e.g. Mugs, T-shirts, posters or similar goods, products or articles which are intended for resale, is not permitted, since the primary sales value is in the downloaded work itself. The member (buyer / customer) can use downloaded files for free distributed promotional materials such as Flyers, advertisements, brochures and similar promotional material. The customer; Buyer / member is not entitled to grant further sublicenses. The customer; Buyer / Member may transfer files containing the Work or permitted derivative of the work, directly connected customers, clients and employees, or can be processed by subcontractors, provided that they agree to adhere to the provisions of this agreement. The customer; Buyer / Member may file in the course of normal operations to third parties (for example, printing), which are an integral part of the manufacturing process and without which production would not be possible. These third parties have no further right to use the work and may not extract or use for other purposes the transmitted files. The buyer may save the files purchased as a digital file indefinitely, and the storage is inaccessible to third parties. The buyer may invest as long as they are not disclosed to third parties storage in the form of a collection. The purchaser may show the obtained files to its customers communicate, and they are informed of the terms and conditions of Indivstock, especially the limitations of transmission and use by third parties. The use is independent of image resolution. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and in the event that a work of the TOS or other provisions of Indivstock contrary to Indivstock reserves the right, the customer; Buyer / be informed about this the member of knowledge and demand that you refrain from any further use, distribution, and the deletion of the work. The customer; Buyer / Member must these instructions immediately followed. The purchase of a license (download) entitles the buyer to use a file for each one (1) project, for example, one (1) domain or for use on behalf of one (1) business for any number of different imaging beams. A project includes all now and in the future known an imaging formats and image support. As an example, advertising a company in the form of picture on a web page, pictures on posters, imaging in applications, imaging in TV, imaging flyers are allowed by a single user license. The acquisition of a usage license permits use worldwide, with no time limit and up to a circulation (not digital) of 500,000 (five-hundred-thousand). Examples include: websites, web banners, newsletters, PDF documents, blogs, emails, slide shows, TV, presentations, articles in magazines, books, advertising campaigns, brochures, documents, photographs, booklets, advertising displays, billboards , business cards, packaging, videos, presentations. As for "the Editorial use" marked images "Editorial files for editorial use only" files are named, so images may be used without permission for commercial use of this and solely for editorial purposes. For example: reporting, news and articles, non-commercial texts and newspaper articles. Prohibited uses, among other things: Resale a file. Transfer or sale as a template, graphically altered, reduced, or in the original. Publication with the sole intent of disclosure. Disclosure regardless whether private or commercial. Other manner of digital offering as a download. Buying a "Enhanced License" or the download, entitles the buyer to use the respective file only for its own projects, the (a company, individual, club, natural person in the name) are characterized by their own name. An Extended License is then necessary, and the product being sold its resale value obtained mainly through the image. For example, in posters, photo calendars, T-shirts, mugs, postcards, websites templates, photo books or print runs of more than 500,000 pieces. It is recommended when using an image on websites, magazines, etc., to place copyright information at least in the respective imprint .: © Name of the photographer / In an editorial using the copyright information must be placed in or below the image .: © Name of the photographer / If you use the image on social networks, the copyright information should be visible in the image and read .: © Name of the photographer / Payment is the total price and is required by available payment services before crediting the download credit. After receipt of purchased download credit will be credited to Member Account To him. A cancellation of the purchase and subsequent reimbursement is made after deduction of transaction costs only a gesture of goodwill. Before purchasing prices, delivery costs, billing address for independent verification and control display. The purchase process can be interrupted at any time by then. Payment is beyond our sphere of influence, on the website of the payment provider Paypal. Indivstock has no influence on the design and illustrated information on this. Payments for the purchase of download credit by bank transfer is only possible manually and are not stored in the system. For a referral a bank account is required, as well as the transfer of the amount (in euros) for the desired number of download credits. After receipt of the download credits will be credited to the buyer account within one business day. Sales of files It is the seller allows files to the server of the website Indivstock upload, which have to be met and provided for sale on the specifications of Indivstock Indivstock. The decision to approve or disapprove the responsibility alone Indivstock. After release, subject files by users of the website can be viewed. The assessment is carried out by automatic generation of a reduced image of the file in the form of a .jpg file. This preview is public view. The original file is available for download consideration. In a paid download, the seller receives a pre-determined time sale share. The share of sales is designated depending on the classification of the seller also "Ranking". This ranking places the amount of sale investment is determined as a percentage of each sale price. The course of these events can be seen on the website of the seller, and each single process visible. The mapping of the operations carried out only with involvement of a sale, therefore only sell its own file. The display is in download credit (credits). Whereby 1 credit correspond as artificial currency of Indivstock at a payout $ 0.50. The registration and sale, as well as a payment of the earned credit requires a minimum age of 18 years from the seller, authorship or sole ownership of the files, for example by creating the files or transfer of ownership under German law. Files for sale may only upload in JPEG or .jpg or vector format .eps and offered for sale. Raster graphics must be at least 3500 pixels on the shortest side and may 6000 pixels on the longest side not exceed. The files must have standardized proportions. The maximum file size is 20 MB. Files may not interpolated (artificially increased). A release for each person represented (Model-release) is required. If a file for Editorial use, this restriction Indivstock must be notified. In this case, approval is not required. The confirmation and acceptance or rejection, and modification of files, shares, and the inclusion in editorial or commercial use is left alone Indivstock. It may be uploaded yet of buildings such as private ownership or other legally protected or mentally protected elements and offered for sale, unless a release is available, which allows kommer cell using the file or the picture under these Terms. The seller confirms with an upload to comply with these requirements and to be liable for errors and mistakes themselves. Control of the files according to these specifications by the selection of indivstock is not a legally-discharging process and thus no transfer occurs from these binding rules. The inspection for compliance remains alone left to the seller. Vector files may be effected only be uploaded as .eps zipped and the need to upload along with a preview graphic as JPEG (.jpg). The upload must be done with the same file name. (Vector_example.jpg and vector_example.eps). The files must be uploaded in pairs. A vector upload is only possible via FTP access. The maximum file size for each file (.eps and associated .jpg) is 50MB. Vectorized images are not allowed. Information about uploaded files are to be released for sale are: Keywords, Title. The files must show properties as described on the website to be judged to be sold File considered can. In particular minimum size in pixels, file format, pictures, quality and description required.
8. Restrictions, prohibited use / using
The following lists are prohibited uses of acquired imagery: copying, sublicensing or publishing images, disclosure to third parties, except as expressly permitted or adopt under this Agreement usual. Customary and permitted use: Temporary disclosure to graphic artists / providers for processing images. Passing within a company, a working group, a body. Use images as the logo in particular because of an inability to registration of rights of a trade mark in relation to an acquired image, in the oeuvre or in part. That mediate sharing pictures with images of people in an affiliation or preference, which are diffarmierend. Discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age. Any use of images sends the affiliation or defamation to or against groups or personal orientation (for example, terrorism, groups, gangs, political parties, minorities). A diffarmierende opinion or preference reflects both visually and content mapping, pornographic and / or sexually explicit events such as prostitution, escort services, erotic dating services or sexual preference, or suspect content. Any use of an image brings a picture in socio-critical context that for a person depicted clearly causes harm, especially if the image or the content gives the impression of a true story. Glorification of violence, abuse and illegal activities. Any use of images with pictures of the People Andschein a stake mentioned prohibited uses awakened or participation in networks fooling falling within the subject area of this enumeration. Any use of pictures of persons with the intention of identity theft including use in networks as a profile (eg profile picture on social networks) or with the intention of the picture as a participant / output member. Basically excluded are usages of images, in particular people pictures which convey in the name of a product, service or company participation, membership, suspected property that the person depicted in the public reputation - expect or personal damage and accuse - Image. For example, as a figure on a cigarette pack, an alcoholic beverage or any connection with sexual diseases. Excluded from these prohibited uses are socially acceptable topics such as and not limited to (customary usages)
Permissible common uses: Use of images in the context of the imaged subject, which is displayed as a motive, and this subject can be clearly assigned (for example, picture a person in drug use). Socially accepted (even critical) issues such as drugs and medical treatments including non-medical treatment and this issue is not associated with sexual diseases, pregnancy, sexual preference. Obesity, anorexia, preference of diet, preference usual activities, age, weakness, physical and psychological damage such as complaints and shortcomings (not disabled), of beauty and contrasts to life, life, impact of negative life / lifestyle, one person, consumption and use of products such as smoking (nicotine) or alcohol (except people pictures), recreational and socially critical issues, CV (such as education, occupation, income, marital status, asugenommen Religion), consumption of food and beverages, financial status and finances, falsehoods to socially accepted, conventional scale, origin, residence and place or time. Use of images for illegal goods and services, including piracy. Figure in the context of clearly and unbelegbaren untruths, fake news and like the brand or product-related libelous are and are not in agreement with socially accepted, competition. Advertise or carry out illegal activities. In conjunction with the image acts that infringe laws, regulation or statute in an applicable jurisdiction. Use of Dateiens in an editorial context, without the following credit on image to make the imprint or a dedicated image: "© photographer name /". Any action in connection with the work that infringe the intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity, including, without limitation, the moral rights of the author of Dateiens and the rights of any persons depicted in the work, or any person whose property in the work appears. to use the work in a way that the author or appearing in the working person or property (if any) alleged to be supporters of a political, economic or other movement or party; The mere duplication and subsequent use of that mere distribution or other disclosure to third parties (eg resale or on-demand offerings), which include principal and affiliated companies, providing public access, exhibition, demonstration, performance, broadcasting and other exploitation of Dateiens without indicating an independent graphic work or use in an editorial context. This includes in particular and especially products that exclusively or primarily the picture is displayed, that is, on which the photo without any textual reference, for example, by a connection with writing or other graphic elements, is used. This concerns in particular photo databases, photo catalogs, CMS systems and similar collections and the use of the image on posters, postcards, e-cards, clothing, mousepads, mugs or similar carriers. You acknowledge and agree that you use the Website in any manner that is not permitted under this Agreement or that violates any law, regulation or laws of any jurisdiction. It may not upload files that are disparaging, defamatory or offensive in any other way, obscene or offensive or that are protected by copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, unless you are the owner of such rights or obtained all required consents to have. Indivstock reserves the right, with ambiguous legally secure content to delete all files, without notice. Repeated violations of these requirements Indivstock is entitled to delete the user account without explanation. You will not post any files or other material or content on the website or via the website, the viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other code included with malicious, destructive or harmful effects. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any website linked to the hardware or software systems or network files to obtain or to use services or retrieve information Indivstock has not expressly provided in or on the website for you. You may, to gain unauthorized access to the Membership Account of any other person or entity, or otherwise interfering with the use of the site by another natural or legal person. You may, in the course of using the website with false or misleading information to use (for example, false or misleading names, email addresses, or URLs), including, but not limited to, information on the origin or source of Dateiens postings or other uploaded materials and content or information that identifies you that you provide for your account. It is prohibited to use a member name that an address directly (for example, domain, e-mail) indicates. Indivstock reserves the right to this name change, or delete the Member account. You are prohibited to provided for uploading Dateienn online storage (FTP access) for purposes other than the intended sale to upload material (photos or video files) to use. You may use prohibited obtained login information with third parties as long as this has not been defined individually. You may to use the Indivstock website fraudulently or abusively kind, including, without limitation, the previous arrangements, the downloading Dateienn to its own ranking or the ranking of other providers or their own payments or disbursements of other providers misused to influence. It is not allowed their own files in some form on Indivstock to rate. A hochladendes member or a person on behalf of a high charging member may not download your own files (or files of people in whose name it acts) that have been uploaded to the Indivstock website. You may publish prohibited information that can not be seen on the website Indivstock. This information includes in particular Received messages of Indivstock or other persons involved or through a service that is provided by Indivstock available. Specifically Received messages via e-mail. Further publications on sales in detail, therefore the number, frequency and or the amount of sales are not allowed.
9 rights violations
If you as the author of a file or as a copyright owner doubt or face impaired for the purpose of copyright protection in your rights or rights of third parties, the legality of a work, you have the opportunity to tell us this. Please send us the following information. uniquely identifies an electronic signature of the owner, a proof of you as author, which Indivstock entitled receive an indication of the affected files a consent form with you to the U contact and Affidavit that all information provided by you is accurate.
10 website management
You acknowledge and agree that Indivstock is not obliged to check Dateienn or other material or content uploaded or set on the website, and assumes no responsibility for those files or content. Indivstock is entitled to accept any files and content that are uploaded or on its website at its own discretion or deny, delete, move or edit. When you upload or choose to files or content on the site (or they are uploaded via your member name or otherwise through your account on the site or set), you are solely responsible for these files and content. You acknowledge and agree that Indivstock no responsibility for any material or content of other websites accepts, on which can be accessed via hyperlink or otherwise of the website. You acknowledge and agree that Indivstock can not be held liable for any files or content in Web sites you are redirected by hyperlink or otherwise. Indivstock is entitled at any time, any or modify all services supplied on the Web site in its sole discretion or adjust. You acknowledge and agree that Indivstock is not obliged to provide the site or certain parts of the site or related services for you or continue to provide. Indivstock is entitled at its discretion, to terminate your account and or your uploads and downloads at any time and / or to cancel your membership, including but not limited to the termination of your member name and member password.
11 Download credits and payments
Transactions on Indivstock, including downloading of files and the remuneration of the seller with a download are recognized as pre-paid credit. If you download a work, your subscription will be the appropriate number of Downloadguthabenabgezogen. When a member of one of you uploaded files downloads, your subscription will be the appropriate number of Downloadguthabengutgeschrieben after at Indivstock a valid proof of payment is received from the down-loading member. Credited Download credit can be canceled without prior notice, and removed again, if the payment was refused because of a fraud attempt or any other acts that deviate from normal operation of the website Indivstock act of downloading ligand member. Download credit which have been acquired through vouchers or other discounts do not affect the credit of the respective selling member. The validity of download credit is 365 days or 30 days which will be described more than once in a purchase process. Promo Download credit can have an independent from the usual offerings validity. You can purchase download credits only commercially, by credit card, online payment account, bank transfer or other accepted by Indivstock payment, or purchase them when your files are loaded by other members down and you have applied for a transfer to your own Personal Account. If you purchase default download credit by credit or debit card or an online payment account, you warrant that you are the card or account holder that the indicated payment information is correct, and you authorize Indivstock, the specified credit or debit card or burdening the online payment account with the total invoice amount, including any applicable taxes. Purchased Download credits are non-refundable. Download credit can only be redeemed in the currency you chose when registering on the website for the creation of your account by selecting the state in your profile. Indivstock reserves the right to grant you time to time offered by Promo download credit (e.g. At registration). Promo Download credits can not be paid, and you can use promo Download bank exclusively for transactions on the website. If your account both standard and promotional download balances were credited, these are added together and considered as aggregated, non-separate download credits. Payment is the total price and is required by available payment services before the credit Download credit. After receipt of purchased download credit will be credited immediately to the selfsame member account. A cancellation of the purchase and subsequent reimbursement be made after deduction of transaction costs only a gesture of goodwill. Before purchasing prices, delivery costs, billing address for independent verification and control display. The purchase process can be interrupted at any time by then. Payment is beyond our control, on the website of the payment provider PayPal. Indivstock has no influence on the design and illustrated information on this. Payments for the purchase of download credits via bank transfer is only possible manually and are not stored in the system. For a referral a bank account is necessary and the transfer of the amount (in euros) for the desired number of download credits. After receipt Downloadguthabendem is credited to the buyer account within one business day. The seller receives for every sale one of his files a predetermined number of download credits. This download credit can be paid, therefore, in the currency of US dollars are paid into a PayPal or European account. The conversion of the credit to download Currency US Dollar done 2: 1. Therefore 100 download credit is equivalent to 50 US dollars. The payment is made to direct the payment into the way within 30 days calendar days of a request by the customer. Indivstock pays the balance of which represents a summary of all fees, and 100 credits are achieved. The payment can be made by the seller, by this selects a conventional method of contact and the payment request expresses. All claims of the seller; Liabilities of Indivstock against the seller are repaid with the Settlement. The balance will be paid after the reset to "zero". There are no other claims to this settlement in the form of payment in the mentioned currency. The deadline for payment is decision of Indivstock but latest 30 days after the contact and fulfillment of disbursement conditions. The payment is made in US Dollars to the deposited by the seller and to Indivstock in the Member Profile registered PayPal account. On request and at the discretion of Indivstock may direct payment to a bank account that within the EU a SEPA Credit Transfer enables done. does not reach the partner the payment limit, the balance will be transferred to the following month. This is repeated until the payout limit is reached and can be made a withdrawal. If there is no request for payment, the bank will continue indefinitely and without penalty. It is at any time to cause the discretion a payment by Indivstock. To cause a payout is among other things a declaration by the seller to make, through: Bank, IBAN, BIC and the name of the principal account holder that is specified in the account. This payment method is available only with bank accounts in certain countries. Conversion Download credit: The seller may arrange to transfer the funds as regular credit on download Indivstock a buyer. The credit (individual allowances) is under identical conditions as a payout 1: 1 credited a buyer. The buyer must agree to the receipt and explain this to Indivstock. It is a message to the e-mail address, as the accounts deposited required. Deduct the credit is paid out for 30 days at the level of individual compensation from the date of credit. A withholding tax by legal or incorrect or missing information identifying the partner is unlimited and subject to correction. Fees for a payment receipt must be borne by the payee.
12. Compensation and Liability
You accept Indivstock and all owners, agents, licensors and (sub) licensees (collectively, "Indemnitees") in respect of all claims, expenses (including attorney fees) or other liability cases to indemnify, defend and hold harmless, consisting of injury any representations, warranties or obligations under this Agreement by you and from any use of the Site (including the use through your account or member name, whether authorized by you or not) result, to including but not limited to claims or claims of infringement of rights intellectual property, defamation, slander or other defamation, violation of the right of individuals to privacy, infringement of the right to their own image, or because of "false light" or blurring or distortion or alteration of Dateienn or other material or content whether or not intentional. Indivstock is entitled at its sole discretion, to lead the response of each claim, suit and any dispute that is subject to indemnification by you with counsel of its choice and control. You agree that in the defense of such claim, suit or disputes cooperate fully with Indivstock. You agree that neither Indivstock nor its owners, agents, licensors and (sub) licensees (same as you do not) will be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that are derived from your use of the website, even if they parties have been advised such damages or of the possibility of their creation. Indivstock accepts no responsibility for any work or other material or content uploaded or set on the website, including but not limited to materials or content uploaded or set by a member on a forum or as a comment in a blog on the website become.
13. Public statements and identification of users
Users may publicly as such designating, and this can not be confused in connection with activities of a leading activity of Indivstock and uninvolved third party as such could be suspected. There must be no press releases or other public statements regarding this Agreement, publish your use of Content and participation in the program
14. Contact
The term of this Agreement begins with the acceptance of your application for membership, and ends when this agreement is terminated by either you or by Indivstock and earlier if no obligations, violations of rights or guarantees exist more. This agreement may either by you or by Indivstock any time must be submitted for cause by written notice of termination, be terminated. Customer responsibilities include the payment of outstanding invoice items from preserved Download balance or when ordering with choice of paying by bank transfer. Seller's obligations consist of the waiting period, which amounted to 2 months, are intended to ensure that a written file does not cause any complaint, which was caused by the seller. Whether through poor quality of the picture of a file or legal problems of the image itself. The deletion of the account and / or uploaded images takes six months after the inquiry or twelve months for already sold files. This is the use of files, among other things as promotional material from Indivstock, for example, in print and as an advertising format for advertising the website Indivstock. These operations are dependent considering the longer duration of the processes on the availability of the files used and promoted. After this period, the withdrawal period referred to begins and ends with the deletion of files from the seller. Further Indivstock this Agreement at any time for cause by written notice of termination to you immediately. A "good cause" exists, and further cooperation would be damaging for business processes and activities, an unreasonable behavior makes cooperation unacceptable or have other reasons expect immediate termination. Furthermore, in an infringement can not which severe an immediate termination suggests this was not resolved and twice with 7 days deadline immediate termination was sent when non-removal. Upon termination of this agreement, for example by terminating all fall into this Agreement made dispositions and any permission to use the services, property and rights of Indivstock for the user. By removing this must be a distance and zeroing all conserving materials occur. Access to Indivstock under URL is blocked with termination. A deletion of all personal data can be carried out on request of the partner after a reasonable time. The e-mail address will remain for safety reasons, but without the associated information on the person of the account. A payout of seller credit is made on request or on the last active day of membership and the payment limit has been reached at least 50 credits. If this minimum amount is not reached, 12 credits will be charged for a early withdrawal. In addition, Indivstock will not pay the costs of the payment provider. Furthermore, the exchange costs charged by the payment provider are not borne by Indivstock. The payment is made in US Dollars.
15. Changes
Indivstock may at any time and each in its sole discretion modify the terms of these terms and conditions by posting a change notice or a modified agreement on the Indivstock site, this notice must be announced at least 7 days before the date of the change. In the event of changes in the conditions of the terms is an alert to the valid e-mail address that has been assigned to your subscription, transmitted. Within the period of 7 days, a continuation of the membership be terminated by the partners. This notice must be in a normal contact path in writing. This notice is a blocking and deletion of the account, and at the discretion of Indivstock. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ANY CHANGE, YOU HAVE ONLY THE POSSIBILITY OF THIS AGREEMENT IN WRITING TO TERMINATE. IF YOU BUT AFTER BECOMING EFFECTIVE DATE OF THE AMENDMENT CONTINUES PARTICIPATING IN THE PROGRAMME, SHALL BE CONSTRUED AS LEGALLY BINDING ACCEPTANCE OF THE AMENDMENT OF THE TREATY. 16 closures Indivstock reserves the right to terminate your account at its sole discretion at any time and for an indefinite period. In the event and for the duration of a lockout Indivstock disables your account, so you there is no way to log. The terms and conditions in German are the authoritative legal effect version. Translations are provided only for ease of usability available.

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