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Additional agreements for sellers.

Registration and membership is free of charge. You must be at least 18 years old. You must be the author or sole owner of all works uploaded by you

The seller is allowed to upload files to the server of the website Indivstock, which meet the requirements of Indivstock and are intended for sale via Indivstock. The decision to release or reject is solely the responsibility of Indivstock. After release under reserve, the files of users of the website can be viewed. The view is made by automatically generating a reduced image of the file in the form of a .jpg file. This preview is public. The original file is available for download only. In the case of a paid download, the vendor receives a previously determined sales volume. The sales proportion is also called "Ranking" depending on the classification of the seller. This ranking determines the amount of sales participation. Ranking information at URL: The course of the sales transactions can be seen on the website for the seller. The transactions are only displayed if a sale is sold, therefore only when selling a separate file. The display is made in download credits (credits). Where 1 credit as the art currency of Indivstock with a disbursement correspond to 0.50 US dollar. The registration and the sale, as well as a payment of the earned credit requires a minimum age of 18 years of the seller, a copyright or a sole ownership of the files, for example, by the creation of the files or transfer of the property under German law. Files for sale may only be uploaded in JPEG or .jpg or vector format .eps and offered for sale. Raster graphics must be at least 3500 pixels on the shortest side and must not exceed 6000 pixels on the longest side. The files must have standard proportions. The maximum file size is 20 MB. Files may not be interpolated (artificially magnified). A release for all recognizable persons (model release) is required. If a file is intended for editorial use, this restriction must be communicated to Indivstock. In this case, no approval is required. The acknowledgment and acceptance or rejection and modification of files, releases and the classification in editorial or commercial use is left solely to Indivstock. No files of buildings such as private property or other legally protected or intellectually protected elements may be uploaded and offered for sale, unless a release exists, which allows a commercial use of the file or the image according to these terms and conditions. The seller confirms with an upload to comply with these specifications and to be liable for mistakes and errors. The control of the files according to these specifications by the selection of indivstock is not a legally liberating process and thus does not take over these binding requirements. The control of compliance is left to the seller alone. Vector files may only be uploaded as .eps and the upload must be done together with a preview graphic in JPEG format (.jpg). The upload must be done with identical file names. (Vector_example.jpg and vector_example.eps). The files must be uploaded in pairs. A vector upload is only possible via FTP access. The maximum file size for each file (.eps and associated .jpg) is 5MB. Vectorized images are not allowed. Details about uploaded files to be released for sale include: Keywords, Titles. The files must have properties as described on the website to be considered as a file to be sold. In particular, minimum size in pixels, file format, images, quality and description are necessary.

A payout is from 50 US dollars. The transfer of the credit is made directly to a Paypal account.

After the sale of your pictures, these can be used by customers indefinitely and independently of the run-up height. In particular, advertising is used for advertising and advertising, product packaging, business equipment, press articles, websites and blogs. The purchase of the "extended license" entitles the customer to use the images for the production of products for resale. These include e.g. Postcards, t-shirts, calendars or other products worn by the motif.

1. Scope of application

The following license conditions apply to all picture uploads by the seller and the associated declarations of intentions and concluded agreements between Indivstock and the seller. As a registered member, which provides images for sale on Indivstock, is referred to hereinafter as seller. Uploaded images as works.
In addition to these vendor regulations, the general terms and conditions and conditions of use must be observed.

2. Uploading works

2.1 The licensing terms are accepted by the seller by the acceptance of these conditions and the conditions to be accepted before each upload.

- The work, which identifies recognizable persons, requires a release of each depicted person. Exception editorial use.

- The work, which identifies recognizable property, brands, logos, or elements, requires release. Exception editorial use.

- The work, does not contain elements which are copyrighted or represent intellectual property of others.

- The seller is the author of the file and owner of the rights of all displayed elements.

- The plant meets the requirements of Indivstock customers.

- The work contains no information or references which are not clearly displayed.

- The work is not otherwise sold exclusively or offered for sale.

- The work was not interpolated (artificially enlarged)

- Packed files (zip) contain no further content than the vector file itself and, if necessary, a raster graphic (JPEG preview file)

- The seller is solely responsible for the legal permissibility of his work and its contents

No works may be uploaded which are defamatory, defamatory, or otherwise offensive, obscene, or offensive, or which are protected by copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, unless you are the owner of these rights or obtained all necessary consent have. Indivstock reserves the right to delete all works with content that is not clearly legally secure, without notice. In case of repeated breaches of these specifications, Indivstock is entitled to delete the member account without giving reasons.

2.2 Prior to the upload, all mandatory data must be made during the registration, including the full name, as well as the address of the seller.

2.3 Indivstock reserves the right to restrict the upload volume or to block the possibility of uploading temporarily or permanently. Uploads can be rejected by Indivstock without giving reasons and deleted after an indefinite time. This regulation also applies to works already accepted / accepted for sale. Which do not correspond to the content and formal criteria of Indivstock. The Seller shall not be entitled to hire a factory or to remain in individual stock. The seller confirms that a deletion request for image(s) or a account must only be executed after 6 months, after receipt of Indivstock.
Exception: Personal data, which were made by the user, will be deleted immediately after processing the request. It must be noted that information which was publicly accessible could be accessed and saved by third parties (search engines, websites of third parties ...).

2.4 A limitation with the number of 3000 works (upload) is available for salesperson with lower rank as Level2. The ability to upload can be limited or continue to exist at this limit. If there is still the possibility, uploaded works will only be reviewed when the upload conditions are met. The cancellation is carried out after examination by Indivstock and a sufficient seller level.

3. Download credit

The seller can have earned download balances paid out or use them on Indivstock. Earned download credits may be transferred to a buyer's account of the same person or entity free of charge. The transfer takes place on the goodwill of Indivstock and in the amount of the actual value of the earned credits and the necessary amount in Euro for the acquisition of credits. Purchased download credits can not be paid out. When paying to another currency, costs incurred outside of Indivstock will be borne by the seller (for example, fees, Paypal) and not otherwise stated.

4. Use rights for individual stock

4.1 The seller grants Indivstock spatially and temporally unlimited rights of use in the extent required for the operation of the service.
In particular, the seller grants Indivstock the right to set the relevant file in individual stock and to make the required duplications. Indivstock supplements used works by a watermark (text: "indivstock" or similar) in an adequate size starting from a picture size of 450px on the longest side.
In addition, the User Indivstock grants the right to publicly access, send and otherwise publicly display the work, including, in particular, the making available or transmission by transferring the content to other users' fixed or mobile devices as part of automated subscription- (Eg, podcasting, RSS feed, atom feed, XML interface or other technologies), as well as the possibility for Indivstock to provide the work via image search engines in the Internet, and to allow image search engines or work search services to reproduce the work in small format (thumbnail) for public display.

4.2 Indivstock shall link and / or publish the legal work in social media and services. Similarly, Indivstock is given the right to link and / or publish the previews (previews with watermarks) of users (third parties) in social media and services.

4.3 Indivstock shall have the right of the seller to use his works alone or as a collage with others for all advertising and sales activities. The usage includes the use for example advertising banners, title pictures, aniamtions, image films and can be used offline or online. Whenever an acknowledgment of the originator is possible and justifiable, this is named under consideration of technical and visual restrictions. As an Ausnhame the seller can prevent this by a message before the upload of a work, for one or all works.

5. Licensing of the work to the Downloader

5.1 The seller allows Indivstock to arrange and sell sub-licenses of the works in compliance with the general terms and conditions and additional conditions of use by granting Indivstock the simple, temporally and spatially unrestricted rights of use. For this purpose the seller allows his works to be made available by Indivstock as a download and sell under his own name. The sales proceeds are taken by Indivstock and are credited to the seller on a pro rata basis. The vendor grants Indivstock the right to use his own license terms for sublicenses and to modify and supplement them with immediate effect at any time. The seller grants Indivstock the rights referred to in point 5 free of charge.

5.2 The seller allows Indivstock to sell his works with the standard license. This is defined in the General Terms and Conditions under point 7 and 8. The seller has the possibility to exclude his works from the extended license. If the upload and the subsequent publication of the work without the deselection of the license (extended license) then it is assumed that an agreement was made. A deselection can only be made via a message to Indistock during an FTP upload, since the indexing of the works and the selection of all information, texts and data are handled by Indivstock during this upload.

6. Licenses

The purchase of a license (download) entitles the use of the work for one (1) project, for example one (1) domain.

Worldwide, with no time limit and up to a circulation heights of 500,000 (five-hundred-thousand).
Further details in the general terms and conditions.

7. Authorization and sourcing at works

When using a work in any form (voluntarily), a copyright notice should be made on the picture, in the imprint, or on a specific picture: "© Fotografenname /"
This naming is as far as technically possible and from the point of view of a perfect representation for a use recommendable. Examples of non-recom- mendable naming are: in the case of an extended license, the information would be disruptive (from a visual point of view), eg in the case of a printed product such as a T-shirt or similar clothing print; On an advertising banner which carries only the motif, in the case of a mobile phone application, which displays only very small representational variables of the motifs and no information pages are available; If the originator does not specify an impeccable appearance of the file to be imaged, no indication of the originator is recommended.

8. Licensing of the files via third parties

Indivstock is given the right to transfer the sub-licensing to third parties in order, for example, to transfer works via interfaces on other websites / domains.
An integration of the works of a vendor requires the prior consent or, if the vendor enters the vendor after a transfer, for the licensing by third parties.

9. Prosecution of copyright infringements

The vendor grants Indivstock the right to prosecute copyright and performance rights violations on his files, in his own name, and to assert the corresponding rights and claims.

10. Contribution of the seller to the receipts from paid downloads

The ranking of the provider is determined by the sum of all sold files. On the basis of the rankings reached, the amount of the commission is calculated.
The Commission is increasing with the ranking achieved. Indivstock invests the seller with each download (paid download) with a corresponding sum of download balances.
The sum is dependent on the selling price in the currency download credit. Depending on downloaded / sold image size / vectors original size; The buyer pays a fixed amount of download credit. Download credit is an art currency on Indivstock. The vendor's assets are formed from these sales. The credit in the art currency Download credit equals a value of 1/2 in US dollars ($). You can pay the collected sales shares from a value of $ 50. Indivstock reserves the right to pay the seller's credit balance at any time without reaching the payment limit. The seller must submit the required Paypal data for a withdrawal. On request and courtesy of Indivstock, a bank transfer can be made. The cost of transfers must be deducted from the balance to be transferred. Discounts which create a price advantage for buyers have an influence on the sale share of a seller to be earned.


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