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Vector of woman holding apple and reading a book.

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An Extended License is required for products which are to be sold. If the product value is mainly produced by the image.
For example, posters, photo calendars, T-shirts, mugs, postcards, web page templates or photo books.

It is recommended when using an image on websites, magazines, etc., to place the copyright information at least in the respective imprint.:
© Name of the photographer /

In an editorial use of the image, the copyright information must be specified in the respective imprint. Alternatively, in or below the image.:
© Name of the photographer /

When using the image in social networks, the copyright informations should be visible in the image and legible.:
© Name of the photographer /

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Published: 04/21/2017
Portfolio Sitemail to User Vector illustration of happy young woman with apple, reading a book.

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